I am a Strategic Business Coach, supporting creative entrepreneurs so that they can grow their business. Based on my over 30 years of experience in IT-Consulting, successful implementation of several hundred customer projects and an intensive transformational training in Team Management and Leadership, I help you to bring your idea to the market.

I am the inventor of the One Life, One List system and the author of the book “One Life, One List – The ultimate guide to create a Freedom Lifestyle”. I produce a coaching program based on video courses and an intensive and effective One-To-One or Group-Coaching. You learn how to oraganize yourself in a surprising way. I share with you the experience of my whole life and I prevent you from the traps I have seen.

Have you ever been in a situation where nothing seemed to work further more and the world appeared just black and hopeless? Apply the One Life, One List System and the sun will shine again. Book a free Trial session and discover how I help You!

I am excited to work with You!

Christian Moser

Christian Moser
Christian MoserCEO and Founder
Strategic Business Coach, Book Author, Public Speaker and Inventor of the One Life, One List System

September 2019

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