Christian Moser

Born in 1964

in Königsfeld im Schwarzwald

Schwarzwald or The Black Forest is where I live; it is a mountainous region located in the Southwest of Germany. It has been influenced greatly by the development of technology dating back centuries, as many of the precision mechanics and electronics have originated from there. One of which was the first iconic cuckoo clock. Thus, the development of technology has had the most remarkable impact on my life. 

Being the son of an electrician, I found myself continuously tinkering and ever-curious with technology. This prompted me to attend a technical high school which allowed me to graduate from Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences as an engineer in technical computer science.

During my academics, I worked in a small IT company with some of my fellow students at the time as I value having an independent and entrepreneurial mindset. There I developed software systems for industrial production and quality assurance companies toward the late 1980s. This acquainted me with numerous now world-famous companies that have utilized the systems that I have developed. The Calvin test equipment monitoring system was one of them and has been sold to a thousand companies internationally, and is still being used to this day.

I was able to gather valuable knowledge and experience in other industries and insights into the processes and products of my customers at the time, beginning with the manufacturing industry, to the insurance, telecommunications, and logistical industries. 

I recognize myself as a “Full Stack Developer” and I assist my customers with expanding existing systems and developing new systems. This enables my customers to retain past investments that have already been made and allows for newer systems based on newer technology to be implemented to future-proof the technologies.

I began as a developer and became familiar with all the stages of a production cycle. This has allowed me to provide companies with personalized advice and support in the development of sustainable investments in the customer’s IT infrastructure. 

Technically speaking, I specialize in Oracle and have mastered old and recognized technologies such as forms and reports. Additionally, I am an expert in web-centric development with APEX and am able to efficiently model abstract data with a high level of performance to applicable IT systems in the office and in production. 

Over the years I am able to speak different languages and attained a global network that has enabled me to create and control teams and manage collaborative efforts around the world. My abilities aim to compensate for the scarcity of resources in the development of technology within Europe especially. Together with my Partners, I have the vision to develop new products and take part in projects to create opportunities reliably, and competently at a global scale. 

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