After the analysis, it is clear what must be done. We are happy to facilitate and support the implementation of the solutions. Classic technologies are just as important as modern and web-based systems. With over 35 years of experience in software development, these technologies have still left their mark.

Our Portfolio:
⦿ IT project management (classic and agile).
⦿ System architecture.
⦿ Data and Application Modeling.
⦿ Frontend/backend development.
⦿ Testing and management.
⦿ Training and sales support.

Our Technical Specialties:
⦿ Oracle databases.
⦿ Oracle Forms and Reports.
⦿ Apex / ORDS.
⦿ Web Technologies (CSS, HTML, Javascript).
⦿ Service-oriented systems (SOA, REST).
⦿ C++

Let's Collaborate!

We are eager to use our experience, knowledge and versatility to help you with the maintenance, transition, transformation, and integration of technologies to help your business become more effective and productive.