Forms have been heralded many times in the minds of some strategists as obsolete. However, Forms are not obsolete! It is still more important than ever! Numerous companies both large and small operate extensively and heavily utilizing Forms and established applications that already exist for many years still use Forms today. They are easy, effective, and scalable.

The investments in Forms technology as well as the recognition by the users should not be underestimated. The relevance of Forms as an opportunity for economic benefit is significant with the many Forms-based applications still operating today.

⦿ Increasing shortage of Forms experts
⦿ High difficulty when migrating to new systems
⦿ Limited user acceptance when switching

⦿ Smooth transition to responsive browser-based applications (e.g. Apex)
⦿ Successive relocation of the business logic to the database backend (service-oriented architecture)
⦿ Maintenance and expansion of the existing Forms world for as long as possible where necessary.

With more than 25 years of experience with Forms-based systems, we are happy to help you to master this challenge effectively, efficiently, and economically. We also like to incorporate new technologies such as Apex, but we want to continue to support Forms intensively and competently.

We have worked for many years on the ICIS insurance system for WGV insurance. ICIS is a prime example of the long-term coexistence of the best and most modern technology.

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We are eager to use our experience, knowledge and versatility to help you with the maintenance, transition, transformation, and integration of technologies to help your business become more effective and productive.