We are not far from having the book One Life One List published. After almost 60 days, the book was created with the help of Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas. Numerous hours of interviews, discussions and revisions followed after the decision to write the book. But it is possible and can even be done alongside. Sure, you have to invest a lot of time, but Lily Patrascu has an incredible gift of the information to create a work that really feels like it’s about you. It absorbs the thoughts and transforms them into an elegant and smoothly readable text.

With One Life One List I describe how, despite all the obstacles in my life, I have managed to organize myself so that I am free of unnecessary and close to my vision to lead an independent life no matter where on this planet. It is best practice in a refined form and in the next step we develop courses and coaching as well as our own software in which we apply our principles. We want to make this framework available to all people and believe it contributes to a free lifestyle.